Product and Servises

Petrol SistemleriFueling Station Setup
Atilim petrolium eng.'s turnkey construction of fuel stations hve been done within the insured,fully equipped,carried out by trained personel.
Petrol SistemleriFuel Pumps and Dispensers
Atilim Petroleum Eng. Our sales and service of fuel pumps spread across the country are operated by service points.
Petrol SistemleriRevision of Fuel Pumps and Dispencer
Atilim petroleum eng. , all brands and models of fuel pumps and dispencer revision operation staff and specialized teams of experienced engineers with the industry without compromising the principles of time and offers the quality.
Petrol SistemleriPeriodic Maintenance and Servises Fuel Pupms and Dispencers
Petrol SistemleriFuel Stations Infrastructure Installations
Flexible and semi-flexible fuel installations ,galvanized steel and flexible filling,breathing systems and equipment,plumbing equipment according to the technical specifications.
Petrol SistemleriElectrical Installations and Panel Works Fuel Station
Feul stations electrical wiring,electrical panel assembly and installation of ground control opeerations.
Petrol SistemleriAutomation Systems
Feul stations tank and pump automation systems,asembly and installation services.
Petrol SistemleriFuel Station Auto Car Wash Units
Ceccato brand of automatic washing units to Turkey's general distribution and sales,service,installation,maintenance services.
Petrol SistemleriFeul Stations Equipments
All equipment being used in fuel stations and equipment, sales and after sales service Works.
Petrol SistemleriProject Consulting and Contracting
Petrol SistemleriFuel Stations Construction and Renovation Works
Petrol SistemleriCar Wash Machine Supply and Installation.(ceccato)
Petrol SistemleriFeul Dispenser and Other Station Equipment Supply, Servise and Installations
Petrol SistemleriFuel Stations Mechanical Installations Test and Control Tasks
Petrol SistemleriFuel Stations Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Plumbing Supply, Installation and Control Works
Petrol SistemleriFuel Stations Survey Work
Petrol SistemleriSubmersible Pump and Leak Detector Tests
Petrol SistemleriFuel Line Leakage Testing and Sealing
Petrol SistemleriElectronic Tank Calibration
Petrol SistemleriTank Cleaning and Tank Control Works
Petrol SistemleriGas-free Works
Petrol SistemleriHole Tanks Onsite Repair
Petrol SistemleriIsolation Tank Manhole On The Roof
Petrol SistemleriThe New Tanks Into The Former (Fiber) Tank Manufacturing
Petrol SistemleriEx-proof Tank Drilling Works
Petrol SistemleriTank Lining (Tank Replacement)

Petrol SistemleriCustom Solutions

    • Marina facility set
    • Portable tanks and dispenser system,installation of underground
    • Installation of vapor recovery system
    • Remove hazardous materials and asbestos consulting
    • Basement fill jobs
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